Security Prangers

A security service is a company that provides security guards and other security services to businesses and organizations.

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Event Security Tips For Security Guards

There are many things to keep in mind when working as an event security guard. These include crowd control, visibility, lighting, and communication. These […]

Event Security Beyond the Basics

While hiring security guards for your event is an obvious choice, there are many other things to consider when creating a security plan. This […]

Event Security for Event Designers

Event designers and planners need to be aware of the risk of burglaries and other crimes in their event area. They should also work […]

Event Security for Law Enforcement

Event security for law enforcement is a necessity for large-scale gatherings. A number of factors need to be addressed before an event can go […]

Event Security for Event Organisers

Event security is one of the key aspects of any event. The event organisers should identify entrance and exit points and create a perimeter […]

Event Security For Security Guards

The job of security guards at events is a multi-faceted one. Besides providing a safe environment, they need to manage parking. Parking areas are […]

Advanced Techniques For Event Security

There are several advanced techniques for event security that can keep attendees safe. These include using X-ray machines, metal-detector gantries, and search and pat-down […]

Event Security – The Basics

If you are planning an Event, it’s important to know the basics of Event security. It’s not just about keeping people out of the […]